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A gorrilizard. No relation to Charizard

ASOT is what happens when a SyFy Original team gets their grubby hands on the rights to a good short story. Ray Bradburry's explorative tale of timeline manipulation was turned into a soulless adventure-horror flick with only one notable contribution: Time Waves.

It features various "Evolution Monsters", each of which is about as intimidating as a poodle wearing a tutu and a little beanie hat would be to anyone who isn't Dalm. These included the ridiculous gorilla-lizard hybrids who served as the main "antagonists" of the narrative, a sea monster which was in all probability just a generic 3D chinese dragon model picked up from a stock model site, and the tendency for certain people to spontaneously turn into bugs. (Which doesn't really count as a monster, but is still quite stupid.)

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