We may find proof! If we do, we'll be sure to hang onto it until the episode makes it to air!

Animal X: Natural Mystery Unit is in fact a spin off of a show called Animal X, though it met with considerably less success than the Law and Order spinoff that undoubtable inspired the title. Airing between 2004 and 2006, the show followed Bill Kerr and his not-important-enough-for-a-last-name sidekicks in their hunt for the truth about various cryptids.

It can be argued that the show never clearly defines whether it genuinely believe this stuff or if it's just a very good parody, and it stands out from its peers in this respect. Boasting just enough production values, good pacing, over the top performances all around, and subject matter such as "El [sic] Chupacabre," a good episode of this show at the right time can be hilarious.

This show was hard to come by for a while, as the company responsible, Storyteller Media, didn't release box sets, instead charging $25 Australian per single episode DVDs. Recently however, Storyteller has made a selection of episodes available for free on Youtube.

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