We here at We Spade Bad Movies see far too many bad parents, so here's the basic parenting tips.

1. If your child does something good, reward them. Example: A child shares their toys willingly, you give them ice cream for this.

2. If they do something BAD, punish them. Example: A child TAKES a toy that doesn't belong to them without permission, you spank them for this.

3. Do not praise your child for everything, this spoils them.

4. Don't let TV or Games raise them you dipshit.

5. Don't let them repeat just one word, it will make us want to HURT them.

6. Make sure they know more than one word. Especially if that one word is "Nintendo"

We hope you enjoy these parenting tips, but, of course, being in one of the movies we watch, you will of course just go ahead and be a bad parent you useless sack of crap.

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