Bunnyman is a 2011 horror movie. 5 of the credits on its Wikipedia page are for "Bunnyman Victims". It is most well-known as Carl Lindberg's one bunnyman show and was hailed by critics for its subtle metaphors for Christianity.

The Bunnyman, The LegendEdit

Bunnyman is an honourable warrior born from an immaculate conception in the back of a rusted pick-up truck. He is the only famous serial killer to ever lower his weapon, or even give his weapon, to his victims in order to present them with a better chance at surviving (it should be noted that this has won him several humanitarian awards, as well as resulted in him being featured in Time magazine at least 4 times). He is a kind, caring individual that has led a wonderful family life with his wife and his best bud, Igor. The three of them are known to barbeque on regular occassions, as well as entertain guests from across the country.

Bunnyman is also regarded as a brilliant innovatorr for his discovery of the usage of chainsaws in cutting down trees, rather than teenagers, and he has used his riches to purchase the greatest truck in the world to aid him in his business.

The Hero Never Dies.

Bunnyman is the second coming of christ, as was alluded to during the credits sequence of his movie, where a character that was clearly the bunnyman was depicted as having the sun behind his head, which was a metaphor for the Apollo 11 and how Jesus was involved in the lie behind it. Since the death of his wife, Bunnyman has been promoted to the status of "Wife" while Igor has been promoted to the status of "Bunnyman".

Bunnyman is a war vetran who fought against the government in the great spider vs Bush administration clash in 2011. His handywork can clearly be seen in the corner of one shot, where a body is covered in barbeque sauce. It is unknown if his alignment is Spider Spider, but it is greatly implied by his helping in this battle, as well as Jesus's own Spider Spider alignment,

Bunnyman may also be a Borderlands 2 Goliath, as he goes into a rage while removing his bunny head, and his face is a horrible, bloody skull. He is likely at GODliath level. He also is in Looney Tunes.

Bunnyman's victimsEdit

Everyone, but mostly you.


this asshole is just asking to have bunnyman...drop his chainsaw in front of him i guess

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