220px-Animalcrossingfilm poster

Look at this Technicolour bullshit.

Also known as the Animal Crossing movie. There's really not much else to say aside from the fact that this movie doesn't need to exist as it does, and quite possibly doesn't.

How is this monkey not made of muscle?Edit

This movie is actually a japanese homage to Seinfield in the sense that it is a movie about absolutely nothing. At one point I think there's something about a cherry pie and some fossils. I actually kind of forget about everything that doesn't involve the alien scavenger hunt (that was admitedly quite similair to a bunch of other seasonal bullshit I had to put up with to get items in the original game). Notable characters include the monkey that never stops running and a dude that's just a statue meant to fuck with tortimer. Their sitcom is currently pending.

Some poor bastard had to paint rings on every tree for no real reason. It was probably the guy who greenlit this thing.

K.K. Slider is here and that is all that matters.Edit

Many of the characters from the games make an appearance in this movie. Like Brewster, who gA was convinced had nothing to do with Animal Crossing; Bianca the Wolf, who had her personality entirely re-written; and Shrek, who makes a surprise appearance as the alien at the end of the movie.


There were Shrek fireworks in the sky or something at the end. You have to believe me. Please don't leave me alone to defend myself.

Shrek is real. Watch the skies.

Attack on New Leaf (Shingeki no Mori OP)02:10

Attack on New Leaf (Shingeki no Mori OP)

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