The amazing walk

I want to get off of Brand-X's wild ride.

You are about to enter a world where huge name brands are treated like the underdog and Charlie Sheen voice-acts the animated dog-boyfriend of a slightly cat-like, teenage Hilary Duff. A Hilary Duff that is, like, 20 years his junior. It is a frightening place, but as long as you allow me to be your guide, everything will be okay.

Now, I'm going to need you to murder the farting piece of french cheese. You have 48 hours. Check under your seat for a snub-nosed revolver.

47 hours, 59 minutes, and 25 seconda. 47 hours, 59 minutes, and 22 seconds. The clock is ticking, friend, and you have a lot of cartoon mascot death to deal.

Foodfight! is bad at maintaining coherent messages. Actually, it's bad at a lot of things.Edit

It keeps trying to imply that by letting Brand-X win, we'll be losing out on a bunch of wholesome, lovable brands. What does that even mean? These aren't mom-and-pop stores. The brands that are "dying" are multi-million dollar corporations. Not only would they likely not die out just because some dumbass, no-name bunch of products strolled in with a bunch of mediocre things to clog up the shelves with, but treating their plight as noble is just kind of perplexing, really.

The amazing walk

I want to get off of Brand-X's wild ride.

How exactly does the company beat something like a detergent brand when their only game-plan is to cram their products full of unnamed addictive shit? Are they putting fucking nicotine in the towels? How are you winning, Brand-X?

How are the plot-twists that everyone thought up involving the dissapearance of the Hillary Duff character so much better than the one you used? How is it that ours are actual twists and yours is just a thing that happens?

Seriously? They used her goodness to attract people by kidnapping her and injecting their products with it? What does that even mean? What is this a metaphor for in the world of consumerism?

And on another note, how exactly do you possibly animate as badly as you do, movie? You have crimes to answer for on this day!

This movie makes two major contributions, really: That gif, and the rare chance to see how corporations view the world.

That poor weasel.Edit

He just wanted some friends, you guys. He wasn't even established as annoying to you or anything. You just hated him for no specific reason. What jerks.
The amazing walk

I want to get off of Brand-X's wild ride.

I'd add a picture of him, but I have a sweetass theme going with the gifs right now.

Clip Foodfight! Charlie Sheen, Hilary Duff Boulevard Entertainment (The Fan Carpet)01:55

Clip Foodfight! Charlie Sheen, Hilary Duff Boulevard Entertainment (The Fan Carpet)


god no its 55 minutes

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