"You have to reach inside the pony and flip it turnways"

This movie is wanted in 7 states on counts of childhood murder. I mean, jesus, what the hell is wrong with a children's movie where a puma brutally mauls a pony?
If I saw this when I was a little girl I would cry forever


This is the heartwarming tale of a crippled boy growing up in an 80s movie (despite the film being made in 1998). After leaving the city and moving to Nowheresville, Vermont with his single mother, he rescues a massively abused pony from the drunk who runs Special Critturs (no, really). The pony proceeds to give birth in a scene that, and I am so not making this up, has a child utter the phrase "You have to reach inside the pony and turn it around." The kid names the foal Nico from unicorn, and whadyaknow, turns out Nico's a unicorn! Single mom dates a creepy cop, one-dimensional bully threatens to expose the unicorn, and they proceed to do the "horse jumps over impossible gap" scene that is apparently a horse movie trope. Oh, and did we mention the pony gets eaten by a puma? Because that totally happens, because according to the movie, pumas are the mortal enemies of unicorns. Go figure.

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