This little gem was created by the same people as Tokyo Gore Police, and it shows. It's a bit less gorey, but still extremely strange. However, some of us are of the opinion that it attains the perfect balance between absurd and obscene, and it is most certainly in good standing.

If Hip Katanas aren't your idea of a good weapon, you're better off elsewhere.

Notable MomentsEdit

  • Geisha Missile
  • Geisha Dance
  • Geisha Army
  • Geisha Chainsaw
  • Geisha Harikari
  • Geisha Katana
  • Geisha Transform
  • Samurai Robot
  • Smuppet Geisha Assassin
  • Fried Shrimp
  • Tengu Milk
  • Shiro Robot
  • HandicapGun
  • Bust MachineGun
  • Hip Katana
  • Every Other Moment

External LinksEdit

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