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The face of terror.

Tw: Transphobia

Have you ever wanted to watch a horror movie where the twist was "but they were actually "a guy" all along"? No? Well Sleepaway Camp still exists. It terrifies the public for their own dumb reasons. It terrifies us for other reasons.

There's a "reboot" of sorts that is just fucking horrible, too. Frogs are skinned as a prank. A kid walks around in the same terrible shirt despite being covered in god knows what. Everyone is still an asshole, etc.

The only redeeming quality to that thing is the fact that it threw us in a loop by not actually being a remake. It was a sequel. But oh, wait, that means half of these callbacks don't make any sense. And it means that just calling it "Sleepaway Camp" and not numbering it is infinitely confusing. My bad. It's just completely godawful.

In general the movie is just awfulEdit

The sound design is fucking everywhere. The opening sequence is painfully loud. The deaths are dumb and the characters are unlikable. One kid is killed by some kind of horrible, flesh-eating strain of bees for no explained reason that make a nest in him.

The camp counselors, like most of the apparent audience, make sure to dwell on the fact that Angela "is a boy" instead of the fact that she is holding someone's severed head. It's not a very respectful movie, to say the least.



The voices of the peopleEdit

"But the one thing that will stay with me and probably anyone else that has seen this film is the very end. That last shot is so horrific, so way out of left field that you never see it coming. It just hits you and then it ends. It has a power of its own. And judging by the comment on here from other users, they feel the same way. This is a film absolutely worth checking out." - Dan Grant

"The ending made me zone out and gave me the chills." -Unexplained420

"Genuinely a horrifying ending, for the strangest selection of reasons." - Tom Cottey

"But what, above all, makes Sleepaway Camp very memorable? It's the ending, one that will leave almost every viewer reeling. Obviously, I don't want to give it away. The power of it can only be seen when watching it. It sure isn't the usual twist. This one packs a huge punch and gives it a very unique and interesting theme."- sb88

"I remember viewing this movie when it came out, me and my friends snuck into the theater when we were like 13 or 12, and we were dead afraid but we were defiantly given a huge slap to our sexuality when we saw the ending." - John Crane

Did You Know?Edit

The director dedicated the movie to his mother.
Sleepaway Camp Ending00:08

Sleepaway Camp Ending

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