There aren't

There aren't really any pictures of this movie, but there is this.

"Katie can read minds. Being desirable, the male minds she reads are all thinking of one thing. She always responds by hitting them and storming off without explanation. Daniel is an expert in body language and interprets this as a sign she wants to be pursued."

That is the first section of this movie's imdb page summary. Yep, we're in for one of those movies.

Note: This movie is also very boring. It pads its length with waterpark scenes. Waterpark scenes. Waterpark scenes.

Would you watch this movie for 500 Golf Bucks?

Our main character, everybody.Edit

The main character, what's-his-face, sexually assaults his landlord, chases the female protagonist through her building and traps her in an elevator until she agrees to date him, and does a bunch of other insane things that I don't really remember. I'm pretty sure he sets a guy off on a muderous rampage around the end with his motivational speaking "talents". Basically he's the douchiest of douchebags in every possible way. He is also a very dangerous individual. I have no idea why a mind-reader would go anywhere near him.

(ps this is a movie about a mind-reader female protagonist but the movie doesn't really care about that since it can milk a troubling romantic comedy out of it)

The guy never really gets told off for any of these things. I think a cop is a little mean to him at some point? This movie seems to really like the idea that the mind-reading girl has to choose one of these douchebags to be with no matter what. We are less keen on that idea.

Sexual Mango SeductionEdit

There's just scene where we watch a guy cut into some kind of fruit. Sexually. I really can't do it justice since I can't find the gif. Please, add a video. I sure as fuck can't find any.


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