The number of spiders in this picture is proportional to the number of spiders in the movie.

Big ass spider-movie-poster-2013

This is a completely different movie.

Spiders (2013) is a government-conflict simulator that was mistakenly marketed under the guise of a horror movie. While some spiders are present, the movie is mostly about the army and government being douchebags until the spiders save the day. This movie is a documentary on the frightening new form of currency, Spiders, and how dangerous a pro-spider candidate can prove to be in the long run.

Spider-Spider Alignment GuideEdit

This movie is mostly about a bunch of stodgy military people trying to gain the most spiders without the public knowing so that they can design spider motorcycles or something. It isn't really clear. The movie only seems to take a turn for the worse when a giant treasurer rises through the ground and eats a scientist before man-spider, the spider that can turn into a football player, manages to take him down with his infinite human trigger glitch.


There is some debate over the ethics of choosing to have humans make CGI spiders to use in this movie as opposed to hiring real spider actors, but no pro-spider presidential candidate has addressed the issue as of yet.

The movie's depiction of spiders as relentless killers has been highly criticised as of late, as well. This is in particular due to the fact that many scenes in the movie depict spider war heroes as mindless killers, which was met by outrage by many spider families. The poor knowledge of spider anatomy shown by the filmakers has also been enough to make many spiders and spider allies boycott the movie.